The benefits of Kids Yoga

Kids Yoga

How are your little yogis going? With the return to remote schooling in Melbourne, maybe the tide is a bit rough and emotions are running high? Or perhaps everything is a little easier this time around and you’re surfing those waves with a smile. Or maybe you’re swimming somewhere in the middle.

Whatever the case, our yoga practice, on and off the mat, is so important, for grown-ups and little yogis alike. 

Here are a few ways you can bring yoga into your family’s day:

☆ Start the day by setting an intention or Sankalpa together. This could be 1 word, an “I am …” statement or an “I choose …” statement. E.g. Focused, I am focused, I choose to focus.

☆ Take a body + brain break and play a game of Yoga Freeze. This is like musical statues but you freeze in a different yoga pose each time. This is the all-time favourite in our Kids Yoga classes!

☆ Do some square breathing to find a state of alert calm. Get out some paper and pencils and draw a square. Inhale as you draw 1 side, hold the breath for the next side, exhale for the 3rd side, and hold the out breath for the final side. Repeat 3 times. 

How else does your family practise yoga at home?

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