About us

Tidal Flow Yoga is a studio inspired by tidal movements and the oceanic forces of creation, destruction and stillness.


The vision of founder Karen Shelton is a space for anyone from all walks of life to step onto the mat and flow through their highs and lows. The Tidal Flow style of yoga is relaxed, filled with discovery and rolling in laughter. We are a movement that Flow Together as a community committed to strength in play, zero judgement, and rolling creativity. We understand your breath is the connection between mind and body. Prana is the breath flowing within the body and this is what invigorates our Vinyasa styles of Flow, Yin and Meditations. We aim to empower mindful bodies and grow a co-creative consciousness within the yoga community.


At Tidal Flow, we ask our students and the wider community to inquire, how can we integrate environmental and social sustainability into our studio. Our oceanic inspired and holistic approach to Yoga and Wellness means we care about our connection with the Earth and what we leave behind. The studio is decorated and furnished with a variety of natural fibres and materials. We use ethically and sustainably made Stretch Now yoga props, low-wattage dimmer lighting, feature 100% natural Herschel infrared heaters, live greenery to detoxify the space, offer a filtered water cooler for students to reduce their bottle plastics, WellnessLiving online booking system to reduce paper waste, in-house chemical free mat cleaners, reusable mat wipes, and have partnered with like-minded local retail businesses.