Family Yoga

Family Yoga is about connection between children and the pivotal adults in their lives.

It is about stepping away from the daily to-do list and stepping into a space to play, move, laugh and breathe together.

Inspired by a playful tide, Tidal Flow Family Yoga classes recognise that play is the vessel for relationship building and social emotional development.

Classes are facilitated by a qualified Paediatric Occupational Therapist and Kids Yoga Teacher Kahli Joyce.

Every class is different but may include a mixture of:

  • Experiencing yoga together through games, stories, pictures and music
  • Family-friendly meditations, mindfulness and/or relaxations
  • Using sensory tools to find a sense of calm in a creative way
  • Connection through partner work and play
  • Mindfulness craft activities

Price: $40.00 per family of 3, and $10 for each additional person.

When: The first Sunday of every month, beginning in March

  • 3rd March
  • 7th April
  • 5th May
  • 2nd June
  • 7th July
  • 4th August
  • 1st September
  • 6th October
  • 3rd November
  • 1st December

For more info please feel free to contact us directly.