Our style

At Tidal Flow we hold a space for all yogis, whether beginner, intermediate or advanced to discover, grow and play in their yoga practice. Our classes are designed to focus on the breath, body alignment, creative flow (sequenced asanas) and offer inspired yogic philosophies to encourage mindfulness. It is our honour to create a safe space for challenge, play, and nurturing of your practice.

Power Flow & Play

High tide vinyasa designed to make you sweat. Prepare to be challenged in mind and body. This is a heated class that incorporates strong asanas including arm balances, inversions, back bends and balancing poses. Suitable for intermediate to advanced students. 

Slow Flow

Low tide vinyasa led by meditative breath (pranayama). This is a class designed to help your mind slow down, find your flow through slow movement, mindful breathing (pranayama), and meditation. A practice suitable for yogis from beginner to intermediate. 

Vinyas- Yin 

Find  flow and then find stillness. Immerse your body, breath and mind in our pop-up class is a blended class of Vinyasa and Yin.

Beginning with vinyasa to help create flow in the body, breath and mind, followed by yin poses held for a longer period, supported with props to help you drop into a meditative state, just in time for savasana. Join us for a well-balanced and grounded practice. 

Alignment Flow

Find the anchors to your practice with a focus on alignment. This slow sailing class provides you with both an instructing teacher and assisting teacher and is designed to help you find alignment for your body. Beginner through to advanced students can expect to learn more about individual modifications, which muscles require switching on, and how to flow with safety. 


A low tide practise to calm the mind and the body into a deeper sense of relaxation. We take our time so that you can feel your body move and connect to your breath. Perfect if you have had a busy week and you are looking for a way to unwind. 

Yin & Meditation

Journey through still waters into restoration and release. Experience a traditional Yin yoga practise with yogic breathing techniques and deep muscle stretching to release tension and promote range of motion. This class is complemented by either a yoga nidra or meditation to connect and calm mind and body.