Yoga for your heart. A community for your soul.

Welcome to Tidal Flow Yoga, we’ve moved to our new abode at the beautiful Murrumbeena Community Center located 28 Gerald St Murrumbeena.

We aim to empower mindful bodies and grow a co-creative consciousness within the yoga community.

Tidal Flow Yoga is a studio inspired by tidal movements and the oceanic forces of creation, destruction and stillness. Life is a constant rise and fall like the tides. Our studio holds a space for anyone from all walks of life to step onto the mat and flow through their highs and lows.

Whether it’s your first class or you are a seasoned yogi, we’ve got classes that we know you’ll love. From our dreamy Yin & Meditation to our soothing Slow Flow, from the yang and yin of our Vinyasa-Yin combo to our sweaty and energetic Power Flow, we’ve got you covered!

If you’re unsure about which classes to start, please get in touch. Our team would love to spend some time getting to know you and chat about what classes and styles would suit your needs.